The Princess and the Pea is an upcoming 2012 2D animated film to be from Walt Disney and written and directed by Ron Clements and John Musker.

It is based on the famous Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tale and features the voice talents of Elena Satine, Gerard Butler, Joan Cusack, Angela Lansbury, Paul Reubens, Brian Cox, Abigail Breslin and Joaquin Phoenix.


A Prince (Gerard Butler) searches far and wide for a princess who at personality is an actual princess and has a heart of gold.

The Prince finds himself unable to find a princess who matches these requirements and ultimatley gives up following his long extensive search.

However one dark stormy night a young woman wet from a vicious storm arrives at his castle doors and begs for stay and claims herself to be a princess.

The Prince's mother then subjects the Princess (Elena Satine) to a series of tests to ensure she is the princess of which her son is seeking.

However there is an evil woman with an evil accomplice trailing the princess wishing to steal her pure light force away.

In the end it is revealed the villainous witch woman and her male crony whom are pursuing the downtrodden princess work for the Prince's Mother (Angela Lansbury) is secretly at heart evil and does not wish another woman to come into the family and join their royalty.

She henceforth hired an evil witch whom had been jealous of the pure princess as her sister was her mother an tried to ensure she never joined their family.


  • Elena Satine as Princess Moria Fairlow
  • Gerard Butler as Prince Everret Lancaster
  • Angela Lansbury as Queen Emerald Lancaster
  • Joan Cusack as Joleena Fairlow/ Aunty of Princess Fairlow/Assassin of Queen Emerald Lancaster/ And Witch living in the Glenbury Forest Glade in an abandoned castle made of thorns
  • Paul Reuebens as Axe-Cutter/ Axe-Cutting Maniacal man whom lives with Joleena Fairlow in the Thorn Forest Glade/ He is an assassin also hired by Queen Emerald Lancaster
  • Brian Cox as King Cavalier Lancaster
  • Abigail Breslin as Penelope/ Daughter of Butler Crenford and niece of Crece who partially stays at the Lancaster Castle
  • Stanley Kubrick as Crenford/ Old widowed butler of the Lancaster Castle who despite working there is forced to live in a small cottage with his daughter Penelope as demanded by the ruthless queen. He is the brother of travelling con-man and magician Crece
  • Joaquin Phoenix as Crece/ Crazy instrument playing travelling con-man magician brother of Lancaster Butler Crenford and uncle to his daughter Penelope. Crenford's wife/ Penelope's mother was the only one to see the good in him which helps him revert his evil intentions as he is secretly working as the true main assasin hired by Queen Emerald Lancaster to eliminate Princess Moria

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