The Rescuers: The Animated Series is an upcoming series, so it happened from the film of The Rescuers, The Rescuers 2: Down Under, and The Rescuers III: The Last Stand. The two mice are gonna save the kids around the world.

Coming soon in 2010's or 2020's. (Any ideas from channel or Netflix)


(Any ideas about the synopsis)

Cast and Characters


  • (Kath Souice) as Miss Bianca - She's beautiful, elegant, and graceful. Wife of Bernard. She's the Hungarian ambassador agent of Rescue Aid Society.
  • (Matthew Broderick) as Bernard - He's cautious and superstitious. Husband of Miss Bianca. He's the American ambassador agent of Rescue Aid Society.
  • (?) as Jake the kangaroo mouse - He's adventures and brave. He joined in the ambassador agent of Rescue Aid Society.
  • (Wally Wingert) as Chairmouse - He's the head of the Chairman of Rescue Aid Society


  • (Meg Ryan) as Cody -
  • (Jodi Benson) as Penny -


  • (Corey Burton) as Percival C. McLeach -
  • (Susanne Blakeslee) as Madame Medusa -
  • (Keith David) as Mr. Snoops -
  • (James Woods) as Leonarisun Victor Crooked -
  • (Johnothan Freeman) as Dr. Vincent Quincey Wilson -
  • (Jason Griffith) as Caio -
  • (Sean Schemmel) as Jackson Sullivan -
  • (Armin Schimerman) as Bud Armin Scneiders


Season 1

  1. Strange Journey Back
  2. The Top Floor
  3. Adventure on the Amazon
  4. The Massacre
  5. Race to Freedom
  6. Freedom Run
  7. Home on the Range
  8. Battle for Control
  9. Out of Control
  10. The Voyage
  11. Moving Day
  12. The Great Train Robbery
  13. The Tower
  14. The Warning
  15. Flash Flood
  16. The Missing Piece
  17. Hide and Seek

Season 2

  1. Someone to Watch Over Me
  2. Danger Lies Ahead
  3. Lost and Found
  4. The Hidden Cave
  5. The Asylum
  6. The Mastermind
  7. Stuck on You
  8. Help Wanted
  9. Road Trip
  10. The Surgery
  11. The Missing Player
  12. In Hot Pursuit
  13. The Dilemma
  14. The Dungeon
  15. Lost in the Jungle
  16. The Runaway
  17. Into the Woods

Season 3

  1. Land of Down Under
  2. Exchange Students
  3. McLeach's Revenge
  4. Medusa's Fortress
  5. Storm Temple
  6. Dawn of the Animals
  7. The Mouse King
  8. Funtime
  9. The Magic Event
  10. The Premeire
  11. Cody and Penny's Family Vacation
  12. Desperately Seeking Jake
  13. The Devil's Eye
  14. Big and Loud
  15. The Villain's Challenge
  16. The Creature's Crypt
  17. Leonarisun's Final Plan
  18. The Haunted Castle
  19. The Ultimate Power Trio