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The Rescuers IV: Dawn of The Dinosaurs
is a planned sequel to the original trilogy made by DisneyToon Studios. It is set to be the final chapter of the franchise coming in 2031 this March.

Origin/Possible Plot

One of the producers and directors were planning the story to be like this: It has been 15 years since cody defeated Percival McLeach. He is now a 18 year old teenager and he and his girlfriend penny are in the Australian Outback with the others. They hear a Tyrannosaurus Rex's roar from the far away opal mines as mentioned by McLeach. Cody and the others go to check it out and they see the dinosaur's footprints and decide to follow it. But when the tyrant lizard king comes in to attack them, all carnivore dinosaurs start attacking Cody and the others. The director of the film said: "Yeah, the story is good. But we need to bring in some other characters. Like Caio and Maraute. That way, everyone would enjoy this piece of full length film."

TV Series and Short Films

After the release of The Rescuers IV: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, the makers of the original films planned to make some of the most appreciated short films in list like:

  • Cody's Christmas (A christmas special short film)
  • A Very Australian Halloween
  • Birthday at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria (Crossover with Five Nights at Freddy's)
  • Farm at Rank
  • Run-Away Grasshoper
  • Cody in: Runaway Brain (A short film based on Mickey Mouse's debut of the short film of the same name.)
  • McLeach's Re-surrection
  • Wilbur's ways of being a dad (A short film about Wilbur trying to be a good father to Marahute's eagle hatchlings)

But soon, after the short films were being produced, a TV series called The Rescuers: The Television Series, is to be planned with 5 seasons with 30 episodes each season. Then, it will be the last of the collaborated Rescuers projects ever made and will be put on storage years for now and maybe, re-release them in Cinemas, DVD and BluRay (regular and 3D).

Possible Broadway Musical

After the premiere of Aladdin in Broadway, the makers of the four The Rescuers movies were invited to collaborate on the upcoming musical based on the four films. The co-workers and writers of Beauty and The Beast: The Musical started to think for the title and they finally suggested they should call it: The Rescuers on Broadway! An Original Walt Disney Musical! The release date is unknown but its rumored to premiere on July 2044.

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