The Sea Otter Queen is like the Inuit/Russian version of the Lion King except a female character is the main character.Everything is oppisite gender then the Lion King


Simba of the movie: Nini ( likes to be called Niki) The female sea otter who is going to be queen

Nala of the movie: Gunnar the male sea otter who is Nini's love interest

Mufassa of the movie: Olga Nini's mother a Russian sea otter ( deceased)

Sarabi of the movie: Taggarik Nini's Father an Alaskin Sea otter

Scar of movie: Nukka Nini's aunt and Olga's sister( deceased)

Timon of Movie: Aga a female Arctic Hare

Pumbaa of movie: Kaya a lost Female Mule Deer

Rafiki of movie:Ahnah a good Polar bear female

Zazu of Movie: ignirtog a male snowy owl

Hyeneas of the movie: Corazon,Atka and Hey the Timber wolves 2 female and 1 male

New Characters

Antaneq the rival of Olga he is a Caribou

Buniq the Arctic fox messeangeria

Yvette Nini's daughter

Valdimir:Nini's Son

Akna: adopted daughter of Nukka and Valdimir's mate


Nini: " Can't Swim mother." Really"  " Aunt Scab, why would you kill my mother." " Gunnar, you know that you can't hit a girl"

Gunnar: " Got ya by the tail." " I am sorry about the kiss."

Nukka/Scab: " I will be the new queen." " You smell Nini."

Aga:" Can't eat Plants eh?" " Sour and sweet at the same time."

Olga: " Nini, that big star up there was the best queen."

Kaya: " Crunchy and the perfect snack."

Ahnah: " Nukka is a bad queen and we want Nini back." Gunnar, go find the queen."

Ignirtoq: "I think you are better of with me than Taggs."

Taggarikk:" Nukka, there is no food or water anywere all we have is salt water."

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