The Sword in the Stone II: Quest for the Holy Grail is a direct to video sequel to The Sword in the Stone.


Set after the events of The Sword in the Stone, Arthur sets off on an adventure to find the Holy Grail.


Jay Baruchel - Wart/King Arthur

Jeff Bennett - Sir Kay, Merlin

Jim Cummings - Sir Ector

Tony Pope - Sir Perinore

Tom Kenny - Archimedes

Caroll Spinney - Lime the Bear

Frank Oz - Sir Bart

Fran Brill - Princess Falina

New Friedman - Sir Forkard

Thomas F. Wilson - Dragist

Jim McDonald - Wolf ※ Dream Flea

Grey DeLisle - The Lady of the Lake

Olivia Olson - Lady Guinevere

Jason Marsden - Sir Lancelot, Sir Bedevere

Cam Clarke - Sir Galahad, Sir Gwain

Kristen Schaal - Morgana Le Fay

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