Temp 1
The Temptress (real name unknown)
Background information
Feature films
Television programs KunoichiShow!
Video games Kittie's Pinball Party
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Cree Summer
International Voice
Performance model
Inspiration The Sorceress, Morgana from The Little Mermaid II
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name unknown
Other names Donna Travolta (alter ego),Temp, Annoying Threat
Personality wicked, manipulative, ruthless, seductive
Appearance As Donna: Wavy brown hair, white blouse and shoes, Navy skirt, green eyes, velvet pink stank bracelet; True Form: ripped navy blue and grayish purple cloak, green skin, blood orange eyes
Occupation Right hand woman/former mistress of The Sorcerer, NHS student (as Donna;formerly)
Affiliations The Sorcerer (formerly), Der Monster Klub (formerly)
Goal To awaken The Siren of Stank (formerly), to kill Princess Dolliane Kittie McFist
Love Interests
Minions Catfish Booray, Der Monster Klub (formerly), NHS football team (formerly)
Enemies Princess Dolliane Kittie McFist, Howard Weinerman, Randy Cunningham, King Jackson Crabgrass, Empress Staci Crabgrass
Likes manipulating people, stank
Dislikes Princess Dollianne
Powers and abilities pink velvet stank
Fate beaten by The Siren (Kittie) and swear revenge
Quote "Your job is to sit there and act useful, other than that I'm done with you freaks!- talking to Der Monster Klub

The Temptress (aka Donna Travolta) is one of the main antagonist of KunoichiShow!. She is the twin sister of The Sorceress, and the right hand woman of The Sorcerer.

Sibling Rivalry

The Sorceress has always been the favorite child of the family, which explains The Temptress bitterness towards her. The Temptress yearns to be better than her sister but always moderately succeeds. At some point, Temptress was highly aware of her sister being banished to The Land Of Shadows by The First Ninja, then again by Randy. She honestly wanted to banish her, but the ninjas apparently did the work for her, which made her slightly pleased.


Just like her sister, she can also use stank to change people into monsters without going through a moment of great emotional trauma. Her stank color is velvet pink. Her power is kept in her stank bracelet.


  • Temptress shares a similarity towards Morgana from The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea. Both have a hatred towards their sisters and have similar abilities.
  • She was once an old enemy of Staci Crabgrass, King Jack's mother.
  • Ironicaly she could've used the real popular kids of NHS, but Temptress thought Der Monster Klub was easier to fool.
  • Throughout her mission against Kittie, She had no interest to destroy The Ninja. It is most likely she felt slightly grateful of him for banishing her sister, but she still has hatred towards him.
  • Der Monster Klub (including Julian) were the only students who were not aware of the ninja's secret, to know The Temptress existence.
  • Her alter ego Donna, shares a similar face resemblance to Kittie.
  • Her false last name is a reference to famous actor John Travolta.