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The Titans
Feature films Justice League vs. Teen Titans
Television programs
Video games
Leader(s) Starfire
Members Main Titans:Starfire, Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, Raven, Robin, Terra
Part Timers:Nightwing, Cyborg
Goal To become the next generation of heroes
To fight Marauder and his Legion of Villians
Headquarters Titans Tower

The Titans are a group of teenage superheroes. They were summoned by the Council of Royals to fight against the Black Marauder.



Justice League United Saga: Heroes Arises

Justice League United Saga: Titans Go

Justice League United Saga: The Secret Origins of the Blue Scarab

Justice League United Saga: Entering Raven's Background Story

Justice League United Saga: Returning to Tamaran

Justice League United Saga: The Final Battle with Trigon


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