Hello and greatings, my name is Corey. If you don't know what this book is about, TRY READING THE BACK!! For those of you who refuse to take a couple seconds to look at the basic plot or those of you who would like more information, here it is. In every "movie" from Disney and Pixar there is always problems and what they show you are only the parts of the story they want you to see. It is my work that help these parts come true. If your wandering how and why I do this it's simple.

The story for me started decades ago when I was only nine. At the time I was orphaned, but I not te Oliver Twist kind, but the type who lived on the streets. One day I was trying to sneak into Disney World when my life changed . The reason it did was becaue while I wasn't looking, Walt Disney was in front of the castle and he said while he was staring at me "excuse me son can you please come over here". I walked over to him without saying anything. He asked me " what's your name" and I said "My name is Corey". Then, he asked "Well Corey, Where are your parents?" and I said "Ever since I was young I never knew". After that he remarked "Oh I'm sorry were are your gaurdians?". "I don't have any.". "Well I'm how would like to be my son, since I've been lookin for a child of my own." I clearly accepted because I wanted and needed a family. Saddly , it was only one year before Walt died. When I saw him on the verge of death. Then I heard a hoarse whisper from Walt who said "Corey, come over here". When I came to his side, he gave me a key with a skull on it and he said "Corey, seeing as I'm about to die I give you this key so you can help with future movies. And one last thing, farewell and good... bye my... son.

As a result of this he gave me the power to travel through movies and help the characters. And now off with this current "movie"

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