The Water Wand
Season 1, Episode 26
Air date November 29, 2019
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"Nerves of Steel"

The Water Wand is the twenty sixth and final episode of Season 1 of Weird World: The TV Show and it's the 26th episode overall.


Something mysterious and beautiful turns out to be part of a Rainbow City threat. Meanwhile, Stephanie tells the others all about their ultimate powers.




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  • It's revealed that every member of The Extraordinary Eight has an ultimate power.
    • Bash was the first one to perform his, in the Season 2 episode Electro Ghosts.
  • At the end of the episode, Stephanie becomes fully robot.
    • She was transformed back to normal in the first episode of Season 2, Nerves of Steel.
  • This is the second time Sponghuck's balaclava comes off, revealing all his eyes.
  • This marks the second episode where an Extraordinary Eight member nearly dies. The first was Divedown Disentanglement, where Stephanie nearly died.
    • This time, Bash nearly died after The Water Wand zapped him, resulting in him being hit by a baseball bat and then getting crushed by fruit on a market stall.
      • He was left with a badly injured leg and he wasn't healed until the Season 2 episode Electro Ghosts.
  • The episode received general acclaim, with critics and fans saying it was a really good conclusion to the first season, calling it fun, action-packed and funny. The ending was also descripted as "tragic, yet touching".