Elsa has use frozen magic for kill the bird villains, such as Felipe and Nigel from Rio. Still, Elsa froze Ronno and Buster's heart. But oops! Bambi has got his heart frozen too!!! In this, Bella Kim will ask you.

Bella kim (talk) Who do you want to save, Bambi, Ronno or Buster?

Then, the villains found that Buster's hair is going to turn white. Just like Anna, but his death process was faster that Bambi and Anna. He must do the act of true love and became a good dog, or otherwise he will be freeze solid. Bambi got true love's kiss by The Great Prince Of The Forest, but Buster and Ronno are freezing. Bambi put him into the warm feathers, because even he is his rival, he took pity of him. But nobody tried to cure Buster, so he became frozen solid. Nobody touched him and even just past him without help!

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