Season 1, Episode 25
Air date November 22, 2019
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"The Water Wand"

This Side of the Grave is the twenty fifth episode of Season 1 of Weird World: The TV Show and it's the 25th episode overall.


Stephanie brings George along to hang out with her friends and they go on a night out to Saint Lenny's Cemetery.




For a full transcript of "This Side of the Grave", click here.



  • This marks the first major roles of Stephanie's friends Tina, Alexanne, Don and Harper.
  • It's shown that George and Harper had met before.
  • This marks the second appearance of George's best mate Gary.
    • It was revealed that after he was freed by Gunto, he started training to become a soldier in the Army.
  • This marks the only time the local newsagents is seen from the inside.
    • It still makes numerous cameos throughout.
  • This marks the third episode where a butterfly has been found - in this case the Night Butterfly.
  • The episode received critical acclaim for it's humour, dark atmosphere, action, messages and for the role of Stephanie's friends as well as their bonding with George and Stephanie. The one thing people didn't like was Sponghuck's role.

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