Season One

No. Title Airdate Summary
1 Ruby And A Boy August 19, 2000 6 years ago, Cole Springs made a promise to a girl, whose face and name he can't remember, that they would go to Paris together. Now he is trying to fulfill that promise more than ever. One day, a girl crashes into him. Cole attempts to help her up, only to accidentally touch her shoulders, apologizing immediately. He is then shocked by how cute she looks. Taking notice to where Cole's hand is, the girl kicks him away, calling him a dummy. However, she then leans closer, and calls him a nerd. The girl then kicks him again, thinking Cole was going to bite her. With Cole reeling in pain, the girl leaves in a huff. This leaves Cole baffled; the girl forgot her to take her notebook with her. He heads to Sleepwell Hotel, an hotel owned by his mother, in order to find a place to live and study his skills. After a misunderstanding, Cole is shocked to find that his roommate is his childhood friend (the girl he met earlier), and because of this he cannot stay there.
2 Ruby Learns August 26, 2000 Ruby beats up Cole, inadvertently throwing him into the bathtub. But Cole's planned outing with Ruby becomes a search for Ruby's lost letter. Unknowingly to Ruby, Cole happens to be the person who Ruby is looking for. When she discovers who Cole really is, she asks him to marry her but he is confused and she beats him up.

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