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toon Disney 2.0's new logo like Disney channel

New Programs to Air on Toon Disney and Jetix the Channel

Xenomon  Dreamon  Pretty elemental  Megaman x anime  The magical show  Me and my cheerleader  Me and my mermaid  Uno anime  New medabots  Wizard 101 anime  Beyblade zx  Road busters anime The Robot girl scouts super show Haunted japan  Baseball fighters  Hockey star  Magical Sweet bakery Me and my imaginary friends seven girls big adventures The action spies

rl stine once upon a time

yugioh heroes

pretty cure series 

me and my ninja girl 

the cosplay ninja girl show

Chess monsters

sailor moon go

girls card fight

nerf anime

Toon Disney: Schedule 2018 my way

disney xd 6am star vs the forces of evil 6:30am big hero 6 the series 7am malo murphy law 7:30am ducktales 2017 8am spiderman 2017 8:30am beyblade burst 9am pokemon sun and moon 9:30am me and my japanese spirit 10am newsman and monster 10:30am tai chu eggs Toon Disney 11am my Spring life 11:30am my twin brother is evil 12:00 AM: sailor high 12:30 AM: the cosplay dragon maid show 1:00 AM: me and my genie 1:30 AM: derek boy genius Jetix 2:00 AM: Xenomon 2:30 AM: Pretty elemental 3:00 AM: New medabots 3:30 AM: The magical show 4:00 AM: Dreamon 4:30 AM: rl stine once upon a time 5:00 AM: Uno anime 5:30 AM: pretty cure series 6:00 AM: new card captors 6:30 AM: Chess monsters 7:00 AM: sailor moon go 7:30 AM: girls card fight 8:00 AM: nerf anime 8:30 AM: Haunted japan 9:00 AM: Wizard 101 anime 9:30 AM: Baseball fighters 10:00 AM: Magical Sweet bakery 10:30 AM: seven girls big adventures 11:00 AM: Hockey star 11:30 AM: The action spies 12:00 PM: Me and my imaginary friends 12:30 PM: The Haunted Mansion: The series 1am yugioh heroes 1:30am The Robot girl scouts super show 2am Me and my mermaid 2:30am my sister is evil 3am Megaman x anime 3:30am new digimon 4am Me and my cheerleader 4:30am marvin the goalkeeper 5am Captain Tsubasa gx 5:30am the cosplay ninja girl show


== 6am spongebob
6:30am The load house
7am power rangers ninja steel
7:30am Kirby Right Back At Ya!
8am Batman: TAS
8:30am Superman: TAS
9am Spiderman: TAS
9:30am Men in Black: TAS
10am Medabots
10:30am SRMTHFG
11am Power Rangers Originals (MM-Turbo)
11:30am Power Rangers Seasons (In Space-WF)
12pm Power Rangers Ninja Storm
12:30pm Power Rangers Dino Thunder
1pm Power Rangers SPD
1:30pm Power Rangers Mystic Force
2pm Digimon
2:30pm Jackie Chan
3pm W.I.T.C.H.
3:30pm Pucca
4pm Yin Yang Yo!
4:30pm Kong
5pm Chaotic
5:30pm The Tick
6pm Xyber 9
6:30pm Shinzo
7pm The Mummy: TAS
7:30pm Legend of the Dragon
8pm Power Rangers Operation Overdrive (Sat and Sun) SRMTHFG (Mon-Fri)
8:30pm Digimon Data Squad (Sat and Sun) Digimon (Mon-Fri)
9pm Get Ed
9:30pm Sonic X
10pm TMNT
10:30pm Batman Beyond
11pm Yu-Gi-Oh!
11:30pm Dragon Booster
12am Silver Wing
12:30am X-Men
1am Fantastic Four
1:30am Oban Star-Racers
2am Batman: TAS
2:30am Superman: TAS
3am Chaotic
3:30am A.T.O.M.
4am Beyblade
4:30am Battle B-Daman
5am Nascar Racers
5:30am Power Rangers Mystic Force ==

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