Training Time!
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date June 7, 2019
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"George's Fusion"
Training Time! is the first episode of Season 1 of Weird World: The TV Show and is the first episode overall.


It's George's first day of training and with Stephanie training him, things should work out good. But George's training isn't as action-packed as he expected.




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  • This is the second time that George shaves with a penknife.
  • It's revealed that George's bomb head is able to blow up, but he always has spares.
  • Stephanie reveals in this episode that she wasn't the original leader of The Extraordinary Eight and that it used to be Eleanor.
  • Stephanie reveals she is a bad trainer and always left it to Eleanor to train her and the others.
    • She's since taken lessons with Ella Sandbar and gotten better at training over the course of the franchise.
  • Sponghuck and Josie don't appear in the episode, not even in the flashbacks.
    • This may indicate they hadn't been part of the team at the time of the flashbacks.
      • This would make sense, since their official bios say neither were original team members.
        • They may have also joined before Stephanie became leader.
          • Sponghuck was mentioned once in the episode.
  • It's revealed that Eleanor Jacqueline works late on Wednesdays.
  • This episode may indicate that George isn't a strong swimmer, because when he and Stephanie where at the Swimming Baths, he was seen floating on a rubber ring.
    • In the same scene, Stephanie is seen with her swim mask on again, this with a snorkel to go with it.
  • The episode was met with critical acclaim. Critics praised the episode's messages, humour, the depiction of George and Stephanie's friendship and for just overall being a great opening to the TV series.