Troy is a character in the 2018 film, Remi from Manila.

Voice: Jaime Preciado of Pierce the Veil

Th (88)

Inspiration: Aaron Samuels from Mean Girls, CoCo, Tadashi Hamada, Simba from The Lion King, Josh Lucas from Clueless, Russ from White Chicks, Johnny from Sing, Ponyboy Curtis and Dallas Winston from The Outsiders, Aladdin, Hiccup from How To Train Your Dragon

Alignment: good

Appearance: tan skin, red button up shirt, grey tank top, cargo pants, turtle necklace, brown hair, hazel eyes

Occupation: student, yearbook editor, football quarterback, soccer goalie, Nyrah's later boyfriend

Personality: sweet, overprotective, rough, tense, ambitious, excited

Likes: football, Nyrah, tacos, chicken adobo, rice, Spam sushi, soccer, swimming, Elton John, Sam Smith, John Legend, playing piano, his skateboard, rare steaks

Dislikes: having too many things to edit, Nyrah only seeing him as a friend, his lactose intolerance, accidentally screwing up while playing piano


"I was practicing all night."

"So, are you coming to the dance?"

"That jacket looks nice on you."

"Like she knows I exist, dude."

Goal: to start dating Nyrah 

Fate: almost dies taking a bullet for Nyrah, shortly starts dating her while in recovery


  • Troy is Mexican, Filipino and is fluent in both languages
  • He is 19 and a college Sophomore 
  • It is unknown whether his parents are deceased or Troy is moved out
  • He was formerly scheduled to date Remi
  • His voice actor, Jaime Preciado, was formerly scheduled to voice Adam

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