New Tyler


Background information
Feature films Weird World

Weird World 2

Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Robert De Niro (films)

Dee Bradley Baker (Weird World: The TV Show)

International Voice
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Shy, kind, wise, clumsy
Appearance Red tomato, cone shaped feet with stars on them, small hands and arms, sailor hat, brown eyes, two nostrils, grey beard and moustache, one tooth overbite
Affiliations Good
Goal To help George and his friends save Weird World
Home Sun City (formerly), Weird World (formerly)
Love Interests
Allies George Jacqueline, Stephanie, Eleanor Jacqueline, Craig, Sponghuck, Lennox, Scooter, Josie, Bash, Hank, Hikouki, Roger
Enemies King Axecutioner, Axebot, Hank (formerly), Hikouki (formerly), Roger (formerly)
Likes George, sushi, pretending he's very smart, fireworks, taking to the skies, his lucky Russian flag
Dislikes Danger
Powers and abilities
Weapons Emerald gauntlets, Russian flag
Fate Confirmed to be dead in the episode Lennox.

Brought back in the episode Time for Another Ghost Hunt, but died again in the same, but was never revived.


Tyler is a major character in the 2018 Disney film Weird World. He was voiced by Robert De Niro.


  • He was the co-leader of The Extraordinary Eight.
    • He's always held that title since the team started up until his death. Back when Eleanor Jacqueline was the leader and now, with Stephanie as the leader.
      • Scooter replaced him as co-leader after his death.
  • He spoke with a Russian accent. 
  • He didn't speak often and only said one to a few lines in an TV series episode.
  • His favourite food was likely to be sushi.
  • As revealed in the episode Single Mates, Tyler became a gangster after the team split up.
    • He went by the name of T-Bone in gangster form and only did it at night in secret with the others knowing.
  • He was killed off in the episode Lennox.
    • His thought-to-be grandson Lennox, who's immortal like he was, replaced him in the same episode.
      • He came back though, in the episode Time for Another Ghost Hunt as a ghost, but before Ghost City's destruction, he permenantly died after sacrificing himself to The Ghost King.
  • Tyler was thought to be Lennox's grandfather, but Lennox revealed in the episode Time for Another Ghost Hunt, that was a false fact and that they were just acquaintances.
  • The episode For a Spin revealed what caused his death was strong chemicals that Stephanie accidentally spilled on some green iron oxide, TNT and a boron flame and before the lab the team investigated in exploded, which removed most of his skin and severly burnt him.
    • His death in Time for Another Ghost Hunt, was also caused by an explosion.
      • He stated once that ghosts can be destroyed by explosions.
  • His birthday was October 25th.