A Walt Disney Film Set in Australia and New Zealand and it is Released in 2045 and the Creators of Bambi,

Based on the Book "Tyler the Tasmanian tiger" writtened by Leonie McNair and Illustrated by Maurice Dawe

Tyler the Tasmanian tiger (Adult)

Tyler the Tasmanian tiger (Young)

Freddie the Frilled Necked Lizard

Kenny the Tasmanian devil

Biwi the Kiwi bird

Burra the Koala

Dasha the Dingo (Tyler's Girlfriend)

Tyler's Mother

Tyler's Father

MacDonald the Poacher

Bull the Tasmanian tiger (Adult)

MacDonald's Dogs (Non-Speaking Roles)

Deleted Characters:

Vixen: a Villainous Red Fox who is a Vermin Pest towards Native Wildlife, who is the ally of Bull, set in a Bilby Stampede

The two Feral Cats: two Villainous Feral Cats who Destroys the Native Wildlife, who is the ally of Bull, Set in a Bilby Stampede

Hubbi: a Evil Indian Myna Bird who is a Big Pest towards Native Wildlife

the Indian Mongooses: the Vermin Poachers of the Outback

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