A Walt Disney Film Set in Australia and New Zealand and it is Released in 2028 and the Creators of Bambi,

Tristan Rogers as Tyler the Tasmanian wolf (Adult), The Great King of the Outback and Billy the Frilled Necked Lizard

Alexander Gould as Tyler the Tasmanian wolf (Young)

Peter Firth as Bingo the Dingo, Biwi the Kiwi bird and Brewster the Razorback

Rowan Atkinson as Barry the Koala and Dusty the Kookaburra

Rebel Wilson as Shazza the Tasmanian wolf (Young and Adult), Raz the Tasmanian devil and Skippy's Mother

Barry Humpthries as MacArthur the Poacher and Bull the Tasmanian wolf (Adult)

Jim Cummings as Moanna the Goanna

Deleted Characters:

The Feral Foxes

The Feral Cats

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