Ultimate Spider-Man' was announced for a second season, now premiering on the Disney Fanon Channel.

NOTE: All of the episode's plot summaries are copied from (doesn't exist so do not try it).


Name Plot Summary Characters Introduced Code
Return Peter has been taking a break with his friends now living at his house, but Harry returning as Venom may effect. None 201
Known and Unknown Doc Ock returns Norman to his original form, and they both find out that Spider-Man goes to Harry's school. They set up a distraction (a fake school play) to get everyone's DNA and see if it matches Spider-Man's. Peter goes and sees Norman there, wondering why he is not a goblin. None 202
Secret Without his DNA, they quickly recognize it is Peter because he was at the play and wasn't there when Spider-Man was. Norman then tries to get revenge on Doc Ock for making him the Goblin, so he creates a costume that looks like the Goblin and recognizes his inner strength. The Green Goblin 203
A Spider-Man Special: Time A Spider-Man from the future comes to stop The Green Goblin from destroying his world, however, in the process, meets Peter, thinking he is a clone of him. They battle, but only to find that they need to defeat the Green Goblin to save the world. Spider-Man 2099 204
Alive A new enemy, the Chameleon, makes Peter thinks his parents are still alive. Due to this, he accidentally tells the Chameleon that he is Spider-Man, and must stop him before he tells J. Jonah Jameson. The Chameleon 205
Spider Claus Doc Ock tries to kidnap the world's two most powerful people- Santa Claus and Captain America- but during a training session where Spider-Man and Captain America are fighting, he accidentally gets Spider-Man instead. During a test to combine the two, he switches their bodies, giving Santa Peter's abilities. The two have to switch back before Christmas Eve at 12:00 or it will be ornament- sorry, I meant permanent. Santa (only episode) 206
Unfair Tails A new enemy that Peter has fallen in love with goes to Peter's school! Worst of all, he doesn't know! Her name is Catherine, and she is better known as "Cat of Darkness"! Will Peter realize that this "Black Cat" is the person he is in love with? Catherine Hardy/Black Cat (earlier Cat of Darkness), Felicia Hardy 207
A Spider-Man Special: Space The new Hellicarrier is finished, but accidentally sends Dr. Curt Connors to the Planet of Lizards! Now, Spider-Man and the team go to space to find him. On their way, they go to Mars to save Curiosity! They reach the Lizard planet, and find Curt Connors as a lizard who wants to take over the world! The Lizard, Curiosity 208
Un-Dad Harry messes around with his dad's old stuff, and finds Doc Ock's original arms, reviving his dad as The Iron Patriot! Now, Venom must help Spider-Man defeat his own dad who is an enemy of Iron Man! Iron Patriot 209
Seeing Double Catherine gets a new look, and Peter gets the courage to ask Mary Jane out on a date. Peter thinks he's seeing double because Catherine looks exactly like Mary Jane! He suddenly realizes that he is going out with one of his enemies. He doesn't know that Black Cat joined the Ultimates and is good now! None 210
Dreams Come True The Chameleon is back, and is trying to mock Peter's nightmares! Now Peter must

destroy his best friends, but not know which one is the Chameleon!

None 211

The rest of the episodes are unknown right now.

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