Ultimate Spider-Man

Season 2 - It is announced Ultimate Spider-Man will be renewed for a second season it is confirmed Jenniffer Hale will join the cast as The Black Cat


1.The Way of The Black Cat

Spider-Man Iron Fist & Power Man must face The Black Cat when she joins The Kingpin in his plan for Revenge.

Introduced Black Cat

2.New Member

The Black Cat joins the Superheroes meanwhile Dr.Doom plans to get revenge on The superheroes.

3.The Avengers meet The Spider Friends

Spider-Man Iron Fist Power Man Nova White Tiger & The Black Cat must team up with The Avengers when Baron Zemo & Doc Ock have joined forces.

Introduced Ant Man Wasp Hawkeye Black Panther Baron Zemo

4.A New Venom

Eddie Brock is turned into Venom so he attacks Spider-Man so when Nova Iron Fist & White TIger is under training Power Man & The Black Cat must help.

5.Dr.Strange & Spider-Man Team Up

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