Prologue: The theme song intro

Life is like a breeze here in a toy friend's universe

Every single day they're out there playing

history of good and bad luck, doesn't get any worse

look out behind you

watch out for some evil young kids

be very careful around the evil eyes of nature

Scene 1: David Bowie Memorial Elementary School

Bonnie is playing outside on the school playground including hopscotch and the playground equipment.

[School Bell Ringing]

Bonnie: "There goes the school bell, don't wanna be late for class."

Bonnie follows her classmates to Bernice Johnson's 1st grade classroom.

Bernice Johnson's classroom

Bernice: "Now today, students, you're gonna show everybody your picture drawings, now who would like to go 1st? how 'bout you, Felix and Kathy?"

Felix and Kathy go right up to the front of the entire classroom.

Felix: "Kathy and I made these picture drawings of a turtle and a rabbit."

Kathy: "They're just about to participate in a super big race."

Bernice: "Oh that's wonderful, you guys, just like the Tortoise and the Hare."

Bernice: "Okay, Bonnie, you're next to go up."

Bonnie goes right up to the front of the entire classroom.

Bonnie: "I drew this picture of a lady bug and a caterpillar performing in an insect circus, the lady bug is holding up a circus pie and the caterpillar is dressed up as a clown baby."

Bernice: "Nice picture drawing, okay, Bonnie, you can go right back to your seat now."

Bonnie goes right back to her seat.

Mason: "Wow, Bonnie, I like your picture drawing."

Kathy: "So do I."

Bonnie: "Thanks a bunch, I really appreciate what you guys just said and-"

Bonnie: [Sneezes A Bit]

Felix: "Whoa, bless you there."

Bernice: "Bonnie, are you coming down with an uncommon cold in your head?"

Bonnie: "Yes, Ms. Johnson, I think I am."

Bonnie: [Coughs A Bit]

Bernice: "Well I think you should just go right down to Nurse Katzenberg's office and she'll try to see what it is."

Bonnie exits Bernice Johnson's classroom and walks around on her way to Nurse Katzenberg's office.

Inside Nurse Katzenberg's office

Nurse Katzenberg: "So, Bonnie, what brings you here to my office?"

Bonnie: "I keep coughing and sneezing at the exact same time, I don't know what's going on with me."

Nurse Katzenberg: "Let me check your forehead to see what it is."

Nurse Katzenberg checks Bonnie's forehead.

Nurse Katzenberg: "Well, it looks like you came down with an uncommon cold in your head, so your parents can take you back home with them."

Bonnie nods her head in agreement.

Meanwhile, the Anderson family members are driving around on their way back home to their house.

Scene 2: The Anderson family members' house

Julia checks Bonnie's temperature from the thermometer then takes it outta Bonnie's mouth.

Julia: "Oh my goodness, Bonnie, you have a temperature of 103."

Bonnie: "I just hope I'll get better real soon."

The lights are already out.

Cut to Woody, Buzz and the rest of the toy friends.........

Julia: "Now, Bonnie, you stay right in that bed, I'm going to the grocery store to buy chicken noodle soup ingredients."

Bonnie: "Okay, I'll do exactly what you guys told me to "

Julia leaves to go to Don Rickles memorial grocery store.

Cut to Woody, Buzz and the rest of the toy friends............

Lenny: "Whoa, man, she looks real ill."

Wheezy: "Well, let's just hope she's not getting worse."

Buttercup: "Let's hope she gets better at these times."

Trixie: "I don't like what I'm seeing here."

Mr. Potato Head: "Neither do I."

Mrs. Potato Head: "I'm not sure what we can do about it."

Bonnie is now reading a book based on the 3D animated short, Frozen Fever in her bed.

Larry and Julia are outside bringing in the groceries, including the chicken noodle soup ingredients.

Larry and Julia begin making the chicken noodle soup in their kitchen.

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