Here’s my fanon list of cartoons and animated films that are not Disney or Pixar that Disney could use them for Walt Disney World as attractions. Enjoy.

Non-Disney cartoons





Park Locations

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Sony Pictures Animation

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: The Ride

3D IMAX simulator ride

Flint Lockwood, Steve (Flint’s pet monkey), Sam Sparks, Manny, Barry the Strawberry, Barb the Orangutan, Brent McHale, Officer Earl, and Cal (Earl’s son) are planning to go to a theme park resort called “Walt Deliciously World” (a food-twisted version of Walt Disney World), which was created by Flint’s machine, the FLDSMDFR. But then a ghost of Chester V (Flint’s ex-idol and head of Live Corp) stoles the FLDSMDFR and as well as kidnaps Barry. So it’s Flint and his friends to fly through all of the Walt Deliciously World theme parks to stop Chester V and save both the FLDSMDFR and Barry.


Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network

Turner Broadcasting System

Time Warner

Cartoon Network Universe Blast

The evil Ice King (from Adventure Time) kidnaps Princess Bubblegum (from Adventure Time), so it’s up to Finn and Jake (from Adventure Time) has to go fly all through the worlds of Cartoon Network shows to save Bubblegum from Ice King.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Over the Garden Wall: The Play Zone

kids’ playground



20th Century Fox

Blue Sky Studios

Rio Live: Sumba Spectacular

Musical live performance

It features the characters from Rio franchise who sing various pop culture samba songs.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

So what did you think of this idea and why? Please comment below.

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