Fear: I thought I had to be scared of everything. Spiders, astroids, hawks and toads and silk string; but now I see you're right for me, and there's nothing to fear, all my worst delousions, they're gone 'cause you're right here!

Riley: If you're my emotion, wouldn't there be a commotion? An apocolypse perhaps, who's controlling me I don't know!!!

Fear: [speaking] Calm down, Riley. Joy is your friend.  

Riley: I don't know what going on....

Fear: Just be strong...

Both: I guess I was expecting something like this the day I came here!  

Something most exotic and strange the day I came here!

Riley: The day I came here, when I shedded my first tear, I was almost named Gladys...

Fear: You know about Sadness?!

Both: The day I came here!

Fear: [speaking] You know, I have a family.

Riley: You do?

Fear: Yeah. Three sisters and a brother.

Riley: [singing] If there's really an Anger I'd like to meet him, I bet at hockey I would beat him! I've wanted this to happen the day I came here!

Fear: I've been scared of something like this the day I came here!

Now I know and there's nothing to fear!

I feel a releationship near

The day I came here!

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