Out of the following main characters below from my Disney film Weird World, who are you like?

George Jacqueline

George is a very friendly, daring and helpful person. He is just like any other ordinary teenager, as he likes watching TV, fast food (especially french fries), playing video games, and laying around all day. He also loves making new friends and learning new things. However, sometimes he can be nervous and even occasionally shy going on new journeys, but he builds up courage to go anyway.


Stephanie is the most kind, heart-warming, protective and hug loving character from the film. She will do anything to protect someone in danger, especially George. And the one thing that makes her happy the most is a nice warm hug. She is also very quick and athletic. But she has allergies and sometimes acts strange when one of them is spreading through her.


There is one main word to describe Craig - dumb. When he's dumb, he often mistakes things for something else, coming up with useless ideas or even forgetting how to speak. He can also be crazy, lazy and forgetful. But, he is a loyal and great friend to his fellow Master Heroes.


Tyler is one of the smartest people you could ever meet. He knows everyone and everything and above all that, he's so smart, he can even answer questions before they are even asked. And as the leader of the Master Heroes, Tyler is always looking out for his friends.


Sponghuck is the most serious of the team. He is always making sure nothing goes wrong and nobody gets hurt. The thing is however, he suffers memory loss. He often has trouble coming up with ideas, ending sentences and even how to control his own weapons.


Scooter is very loyal to his friends and he often comes up with the greatest ideas on the team. He can also act silly, funny and on some occasions, disorderly, which can sometimes get him into trouble. But he does have a kind heart, which he got from his father.


Josie is the second smartest on the team, next to Tyler. She has a good memory inside her and it's said there's a small room in her brain which stores her memories. But, she suffers from a lack of confidence and can give things up easily. She probably needs love and effection.


Bash is known as a very mad and crazy guy. He has a very scrambled up brain and sometimes has trouble controlling his own body. But he really respects his friends and can cheer them up easily if they are sad.

Which Weird World character are you like?

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