" Vanellope Von Schweetz" is a 2013 November " Wreck It Ralph" spin off staring Vanellope Von Schweetz as the main protagonist.


After some lessons at school, Vanellope Von Schweetz heads home in time for dinner. There, we see her mother, Victoria, her dad, C.J., and her brother, Candy Cornilious. Vanellope explains her day at school while her dad explains what happened at his office today. Suddenly, Vanellope hears Mr. Litwak, the owner of the arcade, say that the arcade needs to close to one of the kids playing the game.

Upon hearing this, Vanellope finds a plug to Game Central Station. It seems all the games heard that the arcade is closing, as even Q Bert is seen running into Hero's Duty.

Vanellope later learns about her true self via a press conference brodcased to GCS by panic monitors. She saw Mr. Johnathan Gold, president of the USA, reporting about Sugar Rush, missing world leaders children, with the world "Vanellope" mentioned a lot. She glitched and later seen her real mother, Maria Gold, and Johnathan.

As Vanellope is learning about her true family, she soon stumbles apon a secret entrance to Confernce Room. She falls in, only to find other famous glitches that were re-put into their games, such as one named Fish-Man. It is revealed that Mr. Gold also runs a secret agency called GLITCH, filled with old game characters.

Mr. Gold informs his helpers about a mysterious new villain escaping from her game, bent on destroying them all.


  • unlike Wreck-It Ralph (2012) this movie is Rated G
  • Cyber Guy, Detective Echo and the new female cyber hero are made their cameo appearances in this film as one of the actions figures that displayed in Vanellope's bedroom.

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