Victor Frankenstein is the son of Edward and Susan Frankenstein. His best friends are Elsa Van Helsing, Persephone and Sparky.



Victor and Sparky.

Victor is a shy and inventive 10 year old who loves Sparky so much, that he brings him back to life with electricity after he gets hit by a car when Victor hits a home run. After watching his science teacher use electricity to make a dead frog's legs jump, Victor gets the idea of resurrecting Sparky with electricity. He and Sparky also have created several movies together. After watching Captain Sparky vs. the Flying Saucers, Victor thinks his later movies were better. When his dog is charging, Victor usually takes a break from creating movies and inventing inventions and reads some books from his favorite book series Jack Russell: Dog Detective with Sparky.

Fanon Appearances

Frankenweenie Adventures

Frankenweenie 2

Movie Appearances

Frankenweenie (1984 & 2012)


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