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Background information
Feature films The Incredibles
Video games The Incredibles

The Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer Disney INFINITY

Park attractions Pixar Play Parade
Voice Sarah Vowell
Inspiration Superheroines

Invisible Woman from Fantastic 4

Honors and awards #18 greatest Disney Heroine
Character information
Full name Violet Parr
Other names Vi
Personality Shy, solitary, insecure, stubborn, outspoken, reluctant, sarcastic, tomboyish, beautiful
Appearance Slender, with long, straight raven-black hair (usually covering face), large blue eyes, circular head, fair complexion. Very skinny with small waistline
Birthday May 10th, 1990
Occupation Student, superhero
Affiliations Good
Goal To be normal
Relatives Robert "Bob/Mr. Incredible" Parr (father), Helen/Elastigirl Parr (mother), Dashiell Robert "Dash" Parr (brother), Jack-Jack Parr (brother)
Allies Bob/Mr. Incredible, Helen/Elastigirl, Dash, Jack-Jack, Tony Rydinger, Kari McKeen, Frozone, Rick Dicker
Enemies Syndrome
Likes Being alone, feeling appreciated and respected
Dislikes Being exposed, shouted at, exploited, disrespected, commanded
Powers and abilities Possesses the ability to generate transparent force fields of psionic energy and render herself and others invisible.
Weapons Force fields, invisibility
Fate Gains confidence and gets Tony to ask her out.
Quote "I wanna be normal! The only normal one is Jack Jack, and he's not even toilet trained."

|- | class="plainlinks" id="infoboxend" style="text-align:right;-moz-border-radius:15px;"|[Source] |} Violet is the cute, introverted and tomboyishly beautiful daughter of Bob and Helen Parr and one of the tritagonists (along with Dash Parr) from the Pixar animated film, The Incredibles. Called "Vi" by friends and family, she has the ability to produce force-fields and turn invisible. She has two brothers, Dash and Jack-Jack Parr.

The Incredibles

When she is first introduced, Violet is depicted as gloomy, uncertain, socially withdrawn, despite her cuteness and beauty and has a few self-esteem issues - preferring to hide behind her long hair, which is seemed to be reflected in her super powers; she is able to turn invisible at will, and can generate a spherical force field around herself and others. She has a crush on one of her classmates, Tony Rydinger, but is too shy to approach him and turns herself invisible whenever he looks her way so as to avoid attention.


  • It is possible that Violets powers were based on Marvel Comic's The Invisible woman, a member of the Fantastic Four who could create forcefields and turn invisible.
  • Violet's name may be a reference to the faint violet tint of her forcefields.
  • Also, her name and personality could be a reference to "Shrinking Violet": a person who does not wish to be noticed.
  • So far in the whole series, she has had two love interests: Tony Rydinger and Xander Carson, both popular, but also somewhat shy. This would make them both a perfect match for Violet, as they are good guys, and also share her shy personality.
  • Violet is definately one of PIXAR's most popular female characters, as many online chats and stories revolve around her.

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