Wall Of China
Film information

Directed by

Gareth Williams

Produced by

James Pettyjohn

Executive Produced by

John Lasseter

Written by

Ray Hallman

Screenplay by

Jonathan Logansen

Story by

Mary Koffsman


Ashley Benson Jason Marsden Ice Cube Anna Kendrick Bruno Mars Tom Cruise Chris Hardwick Meryl Streep

Music by

Roy Hansen


John Evans

Editing by

Richard Lord


Walt Disney Animated Studios

Distributed by

Walt Disney Pictures

Release Date(s)

November 7, 2017

Running time

103 minutes





Preceded by

Wreck It Ralph 2

 Wall Of China is an animated feature film that will premiere in November 7, 2017.


coming soon


Ashley Benson - Lu Wong, a princess of the Kingdom of Woa.

Jason Marsden - Shen Meng, a scavenger.

Ice Cube - Podre, a panda who came from the bamboo forest.

Anna Kendrick - Queen Ling Lo, the queen of China Paradise Kingdom.

Bruno Mars - Kuping, Queen Ling Lo's servant.

Chris Hardwick - Luo Meing, an evil warlock from the Dark World.

Tom Cruise - Lord Locus, a dark overlord that ruled the Dark World.

Meryl Streep - Lu Wong's Mother, a woman who was killed by Luo Meing.

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