==Disney Villains Teens is a fanmade animated series of Disney Villains School life while they were still teenagers.The series will have 33 episodes in total.Starring Susanne Blakeslee,James Wood etc.


Hades is a godling who came down from Mt.Olympus to study on Earth.Hades has no talent at all and always worries his widowed mother,Rhea.Hades leaves home and finds a academy with villains like him.



Hades-James Wood
Maleficent, Evil Princess(Queen), Cruella De Vil- Selena Gomez
Jafar, Doctor Facilier-Jaden Smith
Scar,Claude Frollo-John Charles Morris
Ursula, Princess (Queen)of Hearts- Laine MacNeil
Gaston,(Captain)James Hook,Chernaborg-Richard White
(Mother)Donna Gothel,Yzma- Donna Murphy
Pete, Mr Big Bad Wolf- Nathan Lane

Randy Boggs- Tom Kenny

Guest Characters
Chesire Cat,Kaa-Jim Cummings
Ms(Madame) Milta Medusa-Geraldine Page
Duncan Ratcliffe Junior -David Ogden Steirs
Prince John-Peter Ustinov
Dame Narissa-Amy Adams

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