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Wayward Preteens is a Disney XD original animated series created by BaconMahBoi in 2013. The series ran from 2013 - 2015 for a total of 4 seasons and 52 half-hour episodes. The series follows the daily lives of Brendan and Shope, two unpredictable preteens who have a crazy life in the fictional town of Maylon, U.K.


Season 1

Season 1 began on January 5, 2013 with series premiere "Bedroom Problems", and concluded on June 9, 2013 with "Handshake".

Season 2

Season 2 began on September 3, 2013 with "Dannielle Plus Science", and concluded on May 4, 2014 with "Brendan the Worm".

Season 3

Season 3 began on August 15, 2014 with "Dates" and concluded on January 12, 2015 with "Gymnasium Blues".

Season 4

Season 4 began on May 12, 2015 with "Rancid Milk" and concluded on September 7, 2015 with the finale, "Goodbye Shope".



Brendan (BaconMahBoi) is a 12-year old green boy who loves doing anything crazy. He is energetic and unpredictable and is known for being able to build amazing things out of old scraps.


Shope (BaconMahBoi) is an 11-year old energetic girl who believes that nothing in the world is impossible. She can run extremely fast for her age, 14mph.


Season 1

  1. Bedroom Problems (1/5/13) - Brendan needs to help Shope clean her room for her grandparents coming over, and fast!
  2. Locked Out (1/12/13) - Brendan and Shope are out playing when it's time for the Annual Hour of Locked Doors, so they must try to survive for an hour - in pouring rain and wind.
  3. Shope vs. Cheetah (1/19/13) - Brendan secretly hires a cheetah to race Shope to prove she's the fastest thing alive.
  4. Bacon (1/26/13) - Brendan and Shope go on a crazy adventure to find bacon during a bacon shortage.
  5. Brendan's Brain (2/2/13) - Shope travels into the crazy world of Brendan's brain to find old memories.


  • The series is known for its frequent random backgrounds.
  • BaconMahBoi confirmed that Shope is probably his favourite character in the series.
  • BaconMahBoi's blog confirmed Brendan got his green skin from a science experement gone wrong.
  • The first three episodes of the series did not include Shope's trademark red things under her eyes (I don't even know what they are, I just made them to make her look cool).


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