Wednesday Afternoon is a Computer-Animated Film That is Rumored to Release March 8th, 2018 (BRAZIL) And Febrarury 15th 2019 (North America) March 16th 2018 (China, Japan Asia) And has a Short Film That's called

"Berry Bush" And Characters are Named:

Marie Altondion

Mallerie Berry

Kiera Belie

Fiera Belie

Aurora (Cameo)

Prince Philip (Cameo)

Han Solo (Cameo)

Mike and Sully (Cameo)

Groot (Cameo)

Elsa (Cameo)

Maui and Moana (Cameo)

Baymax (Cameo)

Hiro Hamada (Cameo)

Honey Lemon (Cameo)

Gogo Tamago (Cameo)

Fred (Cameo)

Wasabi (Cameo)

Mickey Mouse (Cameo)


Lots of Character Cameos Appear in The Arcade

Hidden Pictures of Walt Disney, and Disneyland Castle

Two Signs say Left To "Arendelle" and Right To "Galaxy"

Moana and Maui Are seen twice in the Arcade and Berry Bush Show


Idina Menzel as Marie Altondion

Ariana Grande as Mallerie Berry

Ariana Grande as Kiera Belie

Megan Trainor as Fiera Belie

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