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Film information

Directed by

Francis Lawrence


Ariel Winter
John C. Reilly
Jane Lynch
Jack McBrayer

Music by

Alan Menken


Walt Disney Pictures

Distributed by

Walt Disney Pictures Motion Pictures

Release Date(s)

July 21, 2016



Winona is an upcoming 2016 live-action/fantasy film. It will be directed by Hunger Games directer Francis Lawrence and star Ariel Winter in the title role. It will focus on Winona's backstory which takes place between the events of Wreck-it Ralph and its sequel.


Set a week after the events of Wreck-it Ralph 2, Maya decides to reboot Winona and interrogate her about her early life from the day she was created by Turbo to the day she was given her mission to eliminate Ralph.



No. Title Artist Length
1. "Reprogrammed" Alan Menken 0:52
2. "The Glitchy Storybook Beginning" Alan Menken 1:00
3. "Winona Rises" Alan Menken 2:49
4. "Father and Daughter" Alan Menken 0:45
5. "Hostile" Iggy Azalea 3:18
6. "I Found a Soulmate" Alan Menken 5:15
7. "" Alan Menken
8. ""
9. "Comets" Ariel Winter 0:59
10. ""
11. "Sweetheart" Maroon 5 3:05
12. ""
13. "Lost Child" Phil Collins 2:58
14. ""
15. "Thank you, Maya" Alan Menken 1:25
16. "Comets" (Credits) Lorde 3:57



  • This is the second live-action film that tells the origins of a well-known Disney Villain.

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