Wreck-It Ralph - The Musical

Wreck-It Ralph is a musical produced by Disney Theatrical Productions, based on the 2012 eponymous Disney movie, which tells the story of a villain of a classic arcade game who dreams of being a good guy.


After the success of the musical " The Lion King " (1997), " Tarzan " (2006) and " The Little Mermaid " (2007), Disney Theatrical Productions decided to make adjustments of their latest classic. " Wreck-It Ralph " (2012) was chosen to be taken to Broadway. Currently, the show is still in development and the cast is unknown. There are rumors that Russel Brand auditioned for the title role, but was replaced by John C. Reily - Ralph voice actor - ,who combined more with the character. Songs deleted from the film "I Want" are planned to be in the musical.


  • Wreck-It Ralph - John C. Reily
    • Adam Jacobs (Final Broadway Cast)
    • Jake Cuenca (Israel Adaptation)