Wreck it rachel
Wreck-it Rachel Destiny von Schweetz
Background information
Feature films Wreck-it Rachel
Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (cameo)
Television programs Sofia the First
Once Upon a Time
Video games Disney INFINITY 3.5
Kingdom Hearts series
Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey 2
Disney X Dreamworks: The Crisis of The Second Earth
Super Smash Bros. Ruckus
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by Kristen Stewart (Once Upon a Time)
Animators John Ripa
Voice Ariana Grande
Veronica Taylor (video games)
International Voice
Performance model Christina Perri (Disney Dream Portrait series)
Inspiration Wreck-it Ralph
Donkey Kong Jr.
Agnès Oblige
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Princess Wreck-it Rachel Destiny von Schweetz of Arendelle
Other names Rachel
Princess Rachel
Ray (referred to by Vanitas)
Stinkbrain Jr.
Princess Bell Bottoms
Lady Stinkbrainette
Personality Sweet, tough, mischievous, brave, funny, serious (Once Upon a Time)
Appearance Slender, beautiful, cute, younger version of her mother, light auburn hair, blue eyes, freckles, white t-shirt, blue jeans
Age 15
Birthday December 12 (Disneystrology)
Occupation Video game villainess
Princess of Arendelle
The Snow Princess
Member of Bad-Anon Jr.
Queen of Arendelle (Once Upon a Time)
Affiliations Bad (in her video-game role)
Good (actual)
Goal To
To reunite with her family (Once Upon a Time)
Home Carino City
Litwak's Arcade
Relatives Unnamed paternal grandmother
Elsa (stepmother)
Wreck-it Ralph (father)
[[]] (adopted sister)
Wreck-it Renee
Eli (younger brother)
Anna (aunt)
Kristoff (uncle)
Sammy (cousin)
Sora (uncle)
Mariya (aunt)
Vanellope von Schweetz (adoptive aunt)
Vanitas (husband)
Emily (daughter)
Love Interests
Pets Q*bert
Allies Wreck-it Ralph, Elsa, Q*bert, her boyfriend Vanitas, Sora and Mariya, Wreck-it Renee, Fix-It Felix Jr., Vanitas, Mario, Fix-it Felicity, Rancis Fluggerbutter (best friend), Citrusella Flugpucker, Mochani von Schweetz, Vanellope von Schweetz, Sofia the First
Minions Q*bert, Reversed
Enemies Prince Cassius, Surge Protector, Martha Anne
Likes Vanitas, freedom, Sora and Mariya, her parents, cats, Meow Wow, Pokemon (especially Pikachu), baseball, Q*bert, her siblings, Sammy
Dislikes Being a princess (formerly), Prince Cassius, Surge Protector (especially when he believes her hatred for him is "adorable")
Powers and abilities Magical control over ice, frost and snow
Superior strength
Immense speed
Excellent climbing skills
Weapons Hammer
Bow and Arrow
Gun (Once Upon a Time)
Laser (Once Upon a Time)
Keyblade (Once Upon a Time)
Detonator (Once Upon a Time)
Fate Kisses Vanitas in the Candy Cane Forest while her friends and family are watching happily
Quote "I'm gonna wreck it!"
"It sure must be nice being a commoner..."
"I'm not a kid anymore, you witch!!"
"Yes, I do, Felicity...that's every day of my life..."
"I love you, Vanitas...I really do..."

Princess Wreck-it Rachel Destiny von Schweetz of Arendelle (or simply referred as Rachel) is the  main protagnist of Wreck-it Rachel and the 14th Disney Princess. She is voiced by Ariana Grande.




Early in development, Rachel was originally going to be a rebellious 12-year-old girl who was a rude, snobbish princess, until she was softened by a warrior named Kyle Lamarski.

Official Disney Bio

"On the outside, Rachel looks like your typical cute 14-year-old girl who's sweet and innocent with a passion for shopping and boys, but on the inside, she's a rapscallion kid who's tough and often quite smashing, literally! She'll rock your world and "

Physical Appearance

Rachel resembles her mother (at age 18) in appearance, but has her father's hair color. She wears a white baggy t-shirt and blue jeans.


Rachel is spunky, rebellious, outspoken, and headstrong, but kind, loving, shy, awkward and cowardly.

Powers and Abilities

Rachel has

Role in the film

Meeting Friends and Family

Love at first Sight

A Suspicious Fiancé

Advice from a Friend

Secret Meeting


A Heart full of lies

Engagement to save a True Love

The Prince's true Colors

Battle in Darkness

Rachel is transported to the realm of darkness to battle Cassius.


Disney Parks

Rachel is a meet-and-greet face character. She is usually seen with Elsa, Anna, Sora, Vanitas, Mariya, Ralph, Vanellope, or Renee.

My Disney Experience

Rachel is the princess of Arendelle and the bad gal of Fix-it Felicity. She's sweet, loving, and mysterious like her parents but clumsy, grumpy, and a bit of a goofball!



Wreck-it Ralph

Elsa the Snow Queen

Rancis Fluggerbutter

Mochani von Schweetz


Rachel and Vanitas have a secret romantic relationship since they first met at the beginning of the film.


Rachel is close to her aunt, but dislikes her overprotectiveness.


Vanellope von Schweetz


Silver the Hedgehog

Rachel and Silver are best friends.

Fix-it Felicity

Wreck-it Renee

Adorabeezle Winterpop


Prince Cassius

Martha Anne

Once Upon a Time

In the ABC series Once Upon a Time, Rachel's Storybrooke counterpart is a student at Storybrooke Junior High named Olivia Edwards. She is portrayed by Kristen Stewart in A Lost Family Parts 1 & 2.

A Lost Family: Part 1

Disney's All New House of Mouse

Rachel is a recurring guest at the House of Mouse. She is usually seen sitting next to her siblings, her parents, Vanitas, Anna, Sammy, Sora, Mariya, or Melody.

Sofia the First

Rachel appears in the episode New Princess in Town alongside Mochani as a new student at Royal Prep.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Rachel is seen as a doll on Katherine's bookshelf.


Rachel makes many cameos in Youngsters short film episodes, usually shown as a student in Professor Owl's music class, and her stepmother's princess class.

Wreck it rachel youngsters

Rachel in Youngsters

Disney On Ice

Rachel appears in the segment Ohana and makes a major role in Fantasia: the musical on ice.

Video Games

Like most iconic Disney Characters, Rachel has appeared in a large number of video games.


Kingdom Hearts series

Kingdom Hearts IV

Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey 2

Disney X Dreamworks: The Crisis of The Second Earth

Super Smash Bros. Ruckus

Rachel is an unlockable character and can be unlocked when you play as either Ralph, Mariya, Sora, or Cloud and win 5 battles in Classic Mode, then defeat Captain Falcon.


  1. A: Blizzard
  2. X: Avalanche
  3. Y: Earthquake
  4. B: Icy Lava
  5. Up + A: Snowball Fight 
  6. Up + X: Frostbite
  7. Up + Y: Snowman Attack
  8. Up + B: Brick Throw
  9. Down + A: Volcanic Rock
  10. Down + X: Frozen Kick
  11. Down + Y: Cold Lightning
  12. Down + B: Rocky Winter

Final Smash

Rachel's final smash is the Snowy Earthquake.

Kingdom Keepers

"Willa heard a snap, then she turned her head to the side to see the culprit. To her surprise, it was a young girl who looked about 12. 12 or 13. The girl, holding a crying baby to her chest, looked at Willa in fear. With one step back she spoke. Not in fear but distrust.

"Who are you?" "

—Kingdom Keepers XIV

Rachel appears in Kingdom Keepers XIV alongside Eli. She is first seen running away from the Overtakers, then as she tries to sneak past Willa, thinking she is an Overtaker, she accidentally steps on a tree branch, causing Willa to see her. Not trusting her at first, Rachel interrogates Willa, then she realizes Willa is not an Overtaker. She shows her the letter written by her mother.

Palace Pets


Wreck it rachel disney princess2

Disney Princess

Rachel received minimal changes for her redesign.

Wreck it rachel kingdom hearts

Rachel's Kingdom Hearts Redesign

Kingdom Hearts series

In the Kingdom Hearts series, Rachel has received a few changes for Kingdom Hearts: Tragic Emotion. Her hair now has a white streak (similar to how her aunt had it from when Elsa accidently struck her in the head as a child to the end of Frozen when she is revived from the frozen heart curse because of her act of true love) in it and extended all the way down to her butt, her t-shirt has become a short-sleeved off-the-shoulder top, and her blue jeans are replaced by sky blue shorts.


For more pictures and screenshots of Wreck-it Rachel, click here.


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  • She joined the Disney Princess lineup on December 16, 2018, making her the 14th Disney Princess.
    • Rachel is the second youngest Disney Princess, being 15 (older than Snow White by 6 months).
  • In her Kingdom Hearts redesign, she resembles Namine.
  • According to the book House of Mouse: The Guest List, her best friend is Melody.
    • Had Melody joined the Disney Princess franchise after Mulan and before Tiana, she and Rachel would have been the youngest members, the first princesses to be best friends, and the 4th and 5th to be aware of each other's existence.
  • Some fans ship her with Jack Frost because of their ice powers.
  • According to Elsa, Rachel would punch a hole in the wall of her bedroom whenever she messes up and Felix would fix it, much to his annoyance.
  • In a deleted scene, Rachel had encountered and developed a crush on Cassius, similar to her aunt falling for Hans.
  • Rachel bares a resemblance to Dorothy Gale from the Legends of Oz franchise.
  • She is named after Rachel Green from the NBC sitcom Friends.

Similarities with other characters

  • Rachel shares a few similarities with her father:
    • Both dislike the Surge Protector.
    • Both run away from home to find their cause in life (Ralph wanted to be a good guy and Rachel wanted to be a commoner and be with Vanitas).
    • Both accidently befriend a little girl who was a pain in the butt to them at first (Vanellope for Ralph; Mochani for Rachel).
    • Both are barefoot.
  • Rachel shares a few similarities with Megamind from the 2010 Dreamworks film of the same name:
    • Both try to impress their love interest, only to be rejected later.
    • Both get into an argument with their parental figure(s), ending it by yelling at them that they possibly don't want to be the bad guy anymore.
  • Rachel shares a few similarities wiith Bella Swan from the Twilight saga:
    • Both have brunette hair.
    • Both have a love interest who is different from other characters in their franchises (Vanitas for Rachel and Edward for Bella).
  • Rachel shares a few similarities with Maya:
    • Both have one best friend who is a Sonic the Hedgehog character (Silver for Rachel and Shadow for Maya).
    • Both punched an antagonist(s) in the face. (Rachel punched Martha Anne and Maya punched Florence)
  • Rachel shares a few similarities with Thor: