These are the relationships of Yori Yumaka


Her parents

Yori's parent's names are unknown, but she loves them both.


Megaera White

Yori first met Meg in The Big Move when she attended Little Town. Over time, despite their opposite personalities, they became great friends.

Casey and Cole Rodriguez

Yori is good friends with both Casey and Cole. She also knows about Cole's crush on Meg.

Callie Musica

Yori is friends despite the fact that Yori is scared of her. However in Operation: Sleepover, she is in better terms with Callie, even though Callie's boisterous attitude scares her a bit.

Axel Shmidtt

Yori doesn't interact with Axel much, but knows him.

Harley Peterson

Yori doesn't meet Harley until season 2.


Gemini Stevens

Yori has a mega crush on Gemini Stevens, but is completely unaware that he returns her feelings. Whenever Gemini glaces her way, she usually hides behind something or someone. Yori likes Gemini, but is too terrified to talk to him.



Thor's bullying behavior bothers Yori.


At first, Yori thought Josh was a cool dude to be around with, and thought Callie's crush on him was cute. But after he revealed his true self, she thought otherwise.


Yori is scared of Monica because of the way she controls people. She thinks Monica is mean and cruel, and dislikes her way of bossing everyone around.


Yori is bitter enemies is Cassandra, because she flirts with Gemini, even though Cassandra would break his heart. She often gets upset when Cassandra hypnotizes boys and thinks it's sad that boys can't see her for who she truly is.

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