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Zap Cloud is an electronic dance music band from the Disney franchise Weird World.

​Years active



House, dance, trance, electronic, UK garage


  • George Aaron Jacqueline (DJ controller, keyboard, vocals) [born November 19, 1991 - age 28]
  • Cole Sammy Skyler aka 9reen KN1F3 (lead vocals, DJ controller, guitar, bass) [born August 29, 1993 - age 26]
  • Brent Gardner (synthisizer, piano, vocals) [born April 17, 1984 - age 35]
  • Zayden Aaqaa Magoro aka Tough as Steel (vocals, drums, drum machine) [born May 11, 1990 - age 29]


Under Pressure (EP)

Rockin' All Night (EP)


Through the Red Barrier

It's Been Fun




  • Their manager is Benny Cheatam.
  • Brent's the oldest member and Cole's the youngest.
  • Cole initially didn't want to join.
  • Brent is the only member who isn't British. He's American/Hispanic.
    • He's also the only member who never has his own verse on any of their songs.
  • They got their name from the Lazer Cloud Show, a natural sky show which occurs twice a millennium.
  • They were originally a trio, consisting of just George, Brent and Zayden.
  • They are mainly influenced by 80s and 90s dance music.
  • All the members are also members of The Extraordinary Eleven.
  • From the episode The Extraordinary Eleven until The Weird World 4nale (Part 2), they are on a very long hiatus to focus on missions with the rest of the team.
    • Following the final battle, they did one last tour, released a compilation album and afterwards officially split up and went their own ways.