Background information
Feature films The Miraculous Moon
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Yvette Nicole Brown
International Voice
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names The Hot Fish
Personality Strong, short-tempered, caring, attractive, caring, romantic, stubborn, friendly
Appearance Slender and beautiful nymph
Alignment Goodood
Goal To become the leader of the nymphs (failed)
To get of her sister (failed)
To find true love (succeeded)
Home The Forest
Relatives Theta (mother/deceased)
Beta (sister)
Love Interests
Likes Cy, fighting, magic, peace, her family
Dislikes Her sister (formerly), Cy (briefly), Cy's stubbornness
Powers and abilities Agility, ninjitsu, acrobatic
Quote "I'm Zeta."

Zeta is the protagonist in The Final Fantasy.


"I was born here the day my mother left us. While growing up,my sister trained me to become a mystic witch."

Zeta was born on the planet Vesper. Zeta was raised as a solider. She grown up as a witch who can change into a snake.


My reward is 50,000,000 gold! With that I'll be wealthy.
―Zeta to Icarus

Zeta is a fair and noble being who takes honor very seriously and personally. A value that she shares with her commander, Bismuth. She has the heart of a warrior and is not afraid to charge head-first into a fight.

Zeta is aggressive, strong-headed, and stubborn at times, but also caring, emotional, and protective of her loved ones. However, her temper and stubbornness sometimes lead to her jumping to conclusions and causing unnecessary fights. Likewise, her trust is not something easily gained.
That's not how love works. If you wanna be in a relationship, there has to be a mutual bond of trust. Love is not something you take, it's something you earn.

Zeta developed mutual bond for Icarus throughout the film. When Icarus saved her life, she quickly returned the favor and finally vocalized her admiration for him. After she reveals her name to him as Zeta. She also shared her backstory with him. Zeta allows their friendship and declares that one day, their lips will meet in the flesh. From then on the two of them unified their teams and worked together as a unit. When she about to die due to lack of oxygen, Zeta tells Icarus that she is aware of his feelings for her as she faint. When she woke up, Zeta tells his feelings in her own words. The two then share a kiss. In the end, they got married and Zeta declared that she is pregnant.